SICK: The battle Against HG


E4 Comedy Shorts: Phallic Earthers

E4 Comedy Shorts: Slogs

Peter Green TV ad

BBC Bitesize: How to love living independently

Audio production on 10 part mini series completed for BBC Bitesize. Watch these colorful characters share all their tips for independent living.


“Moving out of your childhood home can seem really scary at first, especially if you relied heavily on the support that you were given there. So, if you’ve grown used to having your own personal chef, cleaner and chauffeur, listen up for some words of wisdom and encouragement”.


Close Calls & Caught Red Handed Series 8

Full audio post-production completed on BBC One series Close Calls and Caught Red Handed.

Watch Close Calls: On Camera on BBC iPlayer

Caught Red Handed on BBC iPlayer

The Museum of Armed Policing

Audio post production completed on short film for use in the Museum of Armed Policing.



A Tale of Two Theatres BBC ONE

As part of the BBC’s On Stage season, Miriam Margolyes tells the story of two Portsmouth theatres fighting for survival. Edit and sound mix completed for this (1 x 30 min) fly on the wall documentary. You can watch it here.


Safe Drive, Stay Alive: – ‘Time-slice’ (Transport for London)

PFOA AD Promo and Training Videos

An enagging 1min short ad style format for the Police Firearms Assocation and 12 minute educational video. The one-minute ad was largely comprised of GoPro sound from an actual training exercise filmed with the Police Firearms Association. The project is available to view from the PFOA website.